Hiroshi Matsumoto: Leading the way
For such an individual to come forth boldly with his visionary projects and schemes in the Japanese society is indeed a landmark event. He is spear reading a massive educational endeavour to bring about an awareness of the need to realize one's full potential as a human being for achieving higher goals through maximum utilization of one's inner faculties.

Japan needs more and more eastern wisdom. Having reached its pinnacle of material achievement, the only way to turn is inward. The cut throat competition, the frenetic life style, the race to acquire worldly goods has now come full circle. Families have been effected, the children too have paid a heavy price as over the years, the companies assumed a dominant place in the society. Individuality has been worst hit.

Answers to these complex human challenges posed by this situation are almost non existent. ITRI is making an earnest endeavour to meet this challenge.

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