Kakutaro Kubo: The Visionary
Kakutaro Kubo was a philosopher and founder of over 15 organisations, including ITRI which are based on his philosophy and common objectives.
He influenced the thinking of a large number of people between the period 1920s-1944. This was the time when the world was devastated because of the world war. People had faced severe economic setback and were facing turbulent tiames. Besides facing economic hardships, their personal relationships were also going through a deep crises.
Kakutaro Kubo turned towards India and imbibed several good points of Indian philosophy. Kakutaro Kubo advocated that an individual's potential should be realized fully through human upliftment practice. This implied believing in the potential of one's inner self. Gradually his teachings became very powerful and influenced individuals a lot as it helped them to come out of their sense of despair and hopelessness.
Kakutaro Kubo advocated and started several socially meaningful projects including in the educational area. He also advocated respect and care for the elderly, respect for the mother and her role in child's upbringing, respect for a person's individuality, his advocacy of equal treatment for all citizens, upliftment and help for the poor and needy sections of society. He is credited with having brought the eastern humanistic thinking to all parts of the world.
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